Monday, December 3, 2012

From the Cold Cold to just the Cold

Voila! Pictures as promised

Soooo, I've since left the cold cold alpes and now find myself in a cold Paris where I am now searching for another wwoofing farm to travel to in France. At this point I'm ready for Christmas to be here. I'm tired of traveling, traveling alone to be more specific, and I just want to relax and hang out with good friends. So, instead of traveling about from city to city which requires a lot of planning and stress, I'm opting for the stay in one place, in nature, and help out on a farm plan. 

Now for the pictures:

This is after my first day back on the Brunet Farm in the Alpes, and after a storm that dropped all the snow you see there. The mountains are gorgeous but them being so sizable means that we only got direct sunlight from about 8am to 3-4pm, and once that direct sunlight was gone it got real cold real fast.

Me and my bed buddy. Slept like that every night.

My boyfriend, Filou. Sadly we still haven't received any news of him since his disappearance two weeks ago. Myrtille and Gentiane think that he might have been stolen by a hiker because his breed can go for about 500euros. I hope that it isn't the case and he finds his way back to the farm.

These houses are abandoned for the winter, once the snow starts melting in may the people will return

Tough life on the farm
The cat on the left side, the calico, apparently liked the company of the dogs far more than any of the cats and so she would hang out with them all day. When all the dogs were curled up sleeping in a pile, she was there curled up with them. The puppy on the farm was very fond of using her as a pillow. Sadly I didn't get a picture of it.

One Wednesday morning, I accompanied Myrtille to the market to sell the cheese, la Tomme. People would come up and ask for some cheese, you would cut it, weight it, wrap it, and then receive the money. Sounds simple right? and it was...except for the whole calculating in french thing. You know the feeling of trying to run in water? How you're pulling with all your might but still going irritatingly slow? Well, that was my mind, and after a few mistakes and people waiting for me to finish up with my delayed calculations I just pulled out a calculator. Even with a calculator to aid me though, I was mentally exhausted by the end of the market.

I also ended up having my birthday in the Alpes. I'm not really one to make a big fuss about my birthday, a cake, a good meal, good company and I'm happy. Gentiane was already going to be making pizzas that night so I was just going to bake a cake and call it a good night. Yet, the Brunets and company had more planned. It ended up being the three sisters (Myrtille, Gentiane, and Lise) their three boyfriends, their uncle and his lady friend, and me, a huge amount of pizza, three cakes and tarts, candles, presents, and a room full of french people singing happy birthday in english. I was so immensely touched by the effort they made for me. All I can say is that I've truly struck it rich with the friends I've found.

oh ya, and about ten bottles of wine

looks like a painting right? I snapped this during one of my hikes.

Cows in the snow

Now back to searching for a ready for it to be Christmas -_-

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  1. Your boyfriend is adorable! Kirby is jealous. I do hope you find Filou. He's a cutie. It looks significantly colder than the last time you were there... throw a snowball for us! Good luck finding a farm.