Thursday, November 22, 2012

But I'm not dead yet!

Yes, yes it has been a coon's age since I wrote. I was rather hesitant to post because I'm unable to upload any of my photos onto this comuter.
My solution: steal my photos from two summers ago, and just tell you all to add a bunch of snow in your heads. Which I would do...if we could find the USB that holds all my pictures.
The Fates aren't working with me on this one
I'll try and add photos of the Alpes once I'm working with another computer. But for now, sadly, this post will be photoless....dissapointing I know

Oh, except for these, these photos are the only ones I could find that I took that summer
 ya, ugly right? Now imagine this area piled high with snow.
one of the cows

Soooooo, I'm in the Alpes in a little town village thingy called Cervières, visiting the Brunet family whom I WWOOFed with two summers ago. It's an awesome organic milk farm in the high alpes where, during the summer, the cows and goats get to romp all over the mountains eating as they please as Julie Andrews romps around with them singing The Hills Are Alive. True story.

Anyways, I help feed the goats and cows and clean up after them, and I get to help Myrtille make cheese! Weeeee du bon fromage de Cervières!

*Side note*
While I work on farms I keep a mental list of animals and plants that I'm going to have on my future farm/property
my list:
                   pintades (guineafowl)
                   water buffaloes  
                   fig trees
                   bamya (okra)
                   dogs and cats of course 

but I also keep a list of things that will not be on my farm
                   goats (sorry dad, you'll have to convince another of the kids to have them because I refuse.
                             They're a pain in the ass)
                   geese (because they are evil)

*End of side note*

Coming back to the Alpes I was also reunited  with my boyfriend. He and I hit it off back when I first got to the farm and our attachment only grew as the summer progressed. If only you guys could see him work and herd the cows, truly amazing. He has scraggly brown hair, he's on the small side but he's never let that stop him.

And this is where i would put a picture of Filou if I had one. Well why don't you just take a photo of him with the family's camera you might ask well, I would except no one has seen the pup for two days now...oh ya, did I forget to mention Filou is a dog?

About a week ago my love and I, and two other of the five dogs on this farm, went for a hike. I intended to hike up the the chalet but after a good couple of hours trudging through the snow my vigor drained so I never quite made it. Took some nice pictures though...and far too many pictures of the dogs.

I also have a bed buddy (don't tell Filou), one of the cats, petrushka, who was but a tiny kitten when I first met her two summers ago, has taken to sleeping in the bed with me. Now, you might be imaging a cute little cat curled up at my feet, but no, she likes sleeping under the covers under my arm with her little head resting on my shoulder. She's a pretty epic cat.

Sadly, I'm also rather under the weather. Everyone was sick when I arrived on the 9th and I've apparently picked up the bug as well.  

It's a short post and not that well written, and no pictures to boot, but it's all I can do at the moment. Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! 


  1. Hey Lauren, the family here read your blog on Thanksgiving, we miss you! If Filou has tattoos, Dad says no. Rat expects you to still find strawberries in the snow. Sorry to hear you're under the weather, great to hear you're having fun!

    1. Missing out on holidays and being with family is definitely a down side to traveling. Send me some pictures and give everyone hugs for me!