Saturday, December 15, 2012

Dubbed to Death

I currently find myself in the same predicament as before, I'm unable to upload my photos to this comuter so no photos to this post.

Update: I'm on a bee farm a litle south of Lyon, in Dunière, called Api farm and I'm being hosted by an awesomely quirky family. I get to pass my days making candles from bee's wax, bottling honey vinager, making pain d’épices (spiced bread), honey-hazelnut spread, and nougat and when I'm not doing that I get to hike around this picturest area dominated by large hills covered in oaks....ya, life is hard

Api Ferme site web

I'll be leaving though in two days for Lyon and then off to Paris for the holidays

I'll wait to further describe the farm until I can post some photos so in the mean time some observations.

Ever since the beginning of my travels dubbing has viciously been attacking my childhood. First it was Courage the Cowardly Dog in Turkish....

Oh, but it didn't stop there. In the Alpes, I was innocently washing the dishes when the melody of a Lion King song came sweetly to my ears. The warm blanket of my childhood enveloped me in happiness and I opened my mouth to partake in the ritual of accompaning the song, blessing the world my angelic voice and then BAM I was hit with french lyrics. I would also like to underline the fact that in the french song they say the lion is dead. He is sleeping! Sleeping I say!!!

The Simpsons was also repeatedly attacked with the wrong voices.

The lastest traumatic experience was Star Wars in French...I'm sorry but no one can compare to James Earl Jones as Darth Vader

Ok, I'm done complaining

Anyways, hopefully pictures soon


  1. Oh man, when I read the title of your post I thought you were going to say you heard Dubstep remixes of these songs, haha
    Anyways, thats soo weiird. I mean Moufasa dies...but...I guess the french misinterpreted Disney...I wonder what their Disneyland is like then..Dead Lions everywhere?!?! haha

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  3. What a traumatic Disneyland that would be for kids...