Friday, October 12, 2012

GDO'ya hayır!

So, I left off with my last post saying that Berin and I would be attending a GMOs meeting in Bursa, and I must say it was quite spectacular to see. The first day I went to the center of Bursa to explore while Berin went to the large meeting. Bursa in general isn't all that notable. It had a large bazaar but it's filled with generic household items, clothing, food, and even pets. Highlight of that excursion was definitely the börek that I ate. I have no idea what was in it but it was amazing.
The second day was much more fun. It was in a smaller house-community center-esk, wooden building and it involved only a core group of about 30 people working to create a list of requests/demands about limiting and restricting GMO's in Turkey. I understood about 5 or 6 words total of the entire meeting, but during the breaks I got to talk to some of the people about their backgrounds. Some of the people had absolutely flawless english and used words that I never do...
not many pics but here's some from the first day:
 when everyone was on on a lunch break
here's Berin introducing one of the speakers

Another note on GMO's, if you guys haven't heard, a recent study was released showing results that GMO's cause tumors/cancer and shorten lifespans in rats.
"In September, French scientists from the University of Caen released a study claiming that rats fed on a diet containing NK603 – a corn seed variety made tolerant to amounts of Monsanto's Roundup weed-killer – or given water mixed with the product at levels permitted in the United States died earlier than those on a standard diet." article

What's even more horrifying is that the The European Food Safety Authority claims that the science wasn't 'sound', that they didn't have enough test subjects....the test was conducted with over 200 rats. Not to mention the minimum adequate sample size (the minimum test subjects you need to get a significant result) would have be calculated before the test was even started. The European Food Safety Authority was paid off by Monsanto.
If there was a company that defined an evil corporation it would be Monsanto.

GDO'ya Hayır!!! No to GMOs!!!

Off the subject off GMOs, I reached a milestone while on the bus to Bursa; I wrote my first sentence! and soon after that a whole conversation ^_^  a small feat but a feat none the less
Bursaya gidiyorum. Translation: I am going to Bursa. Direct translation: Bursato goingI'm
...ya, turkish kind of has different sentence structure.

I've also set the date for when I'm going to the other farm, in three days to be precise, the 15th. I'm really hoping it ends up being as awesome as Jade Farm has been. I'm really sad to leave, but at the same time I'm ready to get back on the road. Pictures!!!
 Here is the tomato harvest. My Papap would be proud ^_^
 the yellow tomatoes are divine
I really liked this picture. Berin giving directions from the kitchen window, Caramille walking by, and the girls working in the back

Here's the shop full of organic goodness
Me hard at work, as usual, as Yetkin and Berin look at the quinces

 Yetkin, to the upper left, is doing his doctorate on corn production in Turkey at a university in Pennsylvania, and came to the farm to get interviews of corn producers. We've since adopted him, and only reluctantly allowed him to return to his parents house in Istanbul today. He's been wonderful to have around, extremely jovial and happy, and even Caramille has given his stamp of approval by biting him on the shoulder...don't ask.

 Do you remember me kneading the dough in my last post? well it was rolled into these little patties today and left out to dry. It'll dry and then be crumbled into powder then used for the tarhana soup which is delicious!!! We're having it tonight, yum :)

I'm going to miss so much from this farm: the warm people, the absurdly delicious food, the agreeable work, the peaceful nature, the comradery, the fuzzy animals. It's been great fun. 

I'm also greatly saddened that I won't be able to see my Mr. Cheese again...I really wish I could take him on the road with me, but I'm sure he's quite happy where he is.
 Mr. Cheese
me and my buds, helping me shell beans

my next post will be from the other farm. Working with cows and milk again. Berin says the place is pretty high tech though. The cows have microchips in their legs which tell how much milk they give a'll be interesting to see

I also came upon a sad realization the other day...I'm turning 23 in a little over a month, which is beyond bizarre because I was 20 yesterday. My elders always said that time flew by when you got older, but in my youth I never really believed them. Yet, its happening, life is passing far too quickly, and I'm not sure how to slow time down. Maybe I should stop having so much fun...

Anyhoo, I leave you all with this song which was blasting in the bus on the way to the GMO conference. HUGS!

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