Monday, August 27, 2012

The Beginning is a very good place to start

Ya so I'm starting this a little on the late side, but I wanted to be able to share what I was up to during my travels, and it's a bit easier than sending out emails. Since I will probably have reasonably regular internet access (at least for the next two months) I'll try to post something once a week...we'll see if I succeed.

First, an explanation is in order, why the traveling turtle? Well, I had made a beaded turtle over the summer and was planning on having it as my mascot, sewn to my backpack, but I feared that he would get ripped off during the flight if my backpack had to be checked. So, I though it best to leave him at home. But he's still representing me back in California.....his name is pushan, he's pretty epic.


My current/past itinerary:

18th-25th August - in Gradina, Bulgaria with Mom
25th - 30th Aug - in Istanbul couchsurfing
30th Aug - 30th Sept - WWOOFing in Maksudiye, Turkey
30th Sept - 1 Nov - WWOOFing in Cerkezkou, Turkey
Early Nov - enter the Schengen Zone! and possibly pop by Budapest
Nov - Dec - wwoofing, traveling, we'll see. Hoping to spend some time with the awesome Brunet family
                   in the Alps, and stopping by Copenhagen if possible
Christmas/New Years - in the Paris region
Jan - wwoofing in france (I'm trying to get in as much France time as possible)
End Jan/Early Feb - wwoofing in Ireland!!! (if ticket prices are reasonable)...yes mom, I know it will be cold
9th Feb - flight back to SF from Charles de Gaulle airport

Some months don't have a solid plan, so my itinerary will be prone to change...probably often

One rather large change already occured. I was suppose to be wwoofing in Ukraine for sept and oct (farm description) sounds fricken awesome right!?! Endangered, indemic horse, pig, and buffalo, milking the buffalo, making cheese from that milk, would have been sick. Yet, they emailed me the day before my flight to say that they could no longer take me.....yes, i'm still bitter. But one must adapt, hence wwoofing in Turkey for those months.

more posts to come 

If anyone finds themselves in the Old World during my travels and wish to grab coffee or join me traveling, hit me up! 

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